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Management Team


Manoj Singh
President and CEO


Manoj has over 17 years of leadership experience in commercializing clean technologies in North America and South Asia. His most recent assignment, as Senior Director for market and partnership development, was to commercialize Westport technologies in South Asian markets and establish Westport’s India office. Manoj has also held senior leadership positions at Tata Motors and Magenn Power. His expertise includes technology commercialization, market and partnership development, product development, project management and supply chain management. 

Manoj holds an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of British Columbia and a Masters in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology.


Ashkan Babaie.jpg

Ashkan Babaie
Director of Advanced Engineering


Ashkan has over 7 years of vast Research and Development experience both in industry and academia and in different fields including clean-tech, bio-medical micro-devices, green buildings and coating/ink-jet printing. His expertise includes mechanical design, optics and thermo-fluids analysis. Ashkan was recognized as being among the UBC researchers working “On the Next Big Thing” in Jan, 2014 and been widely published in many recognized journals of science and technology with over 80 citations to date.

Ashkan is a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of British Columbia. 



Babak Adeli
Senior Engineer Research & Development


Babak gained extensive research and engineering expertise through his nearly a decade experience in academia and industry. His experiences span several aspects, including modeling, simulation, and control, as well as nanotechnology, electrochemistry and optoelectronics. Currently, Babak is involved in research and development of Acuva products, as well as their microbiological performance and optical characterization.

Babak is a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia, where he received several awards, including the 2016 IC-IMPACT Excellence in Collaboration & Creativity.