Learn how Acuva technology is contributing towards environmental sustainability.

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At Acuva one of our design principles is “eco-friendly”. Yes, lots of companies have green initiatives and establish recycling targets for employees to achieve. We think all of that is important and required for any company.

For us, the eco-friendly design principle is not only engrained in our company culture, but also dictates our approach to R&D and product development.

By harnessing the power of UV-LED technology to create the next generation of water purification systems, we are using technology to make a positive impact on the environment we all enjoy. Because of our on-demand water purification systems, we are helping to reduce the reliance on plastic water bottles.

And there are some scary stats when it comes to the consumption of water from plastic bottles. The Water Project recently shared data showing that:

  • U.S. landfills are already overflowing with more than two million tons of discarded plastic water bottles.
  • It takes approximately 3 liters of water to produce a 1 liter plastic water bottle.
  • Over 1.5 million barrels of oil are required to meet the demand of U.S. water bottle manufacturing. More than is required to power a city of 100,000 for an entire year.

We believe everyone should have access to safe & convenient drinking water and technology is allowing us to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to the commonly used plastic water bottle.

The lifespan of a single Acuva Arrow Essential product is equivalent to the consumption of 1.2 million plastic water bottles! And given that over 80% of all single-use water bottles are never actually recycled, the use of one Acuva product will result in 960,000 plastic bottles never ending up in landfills. Now, that’s eco-friendly!

And this is just the beginning. As our R&D and product development teams expand the applicability of UV-LED technology, there is much more we can do with UV-LED technology to drive environmental sustainability. Stay tuned!

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