We are excited… and why shouldn’t we be?

As we continue to drive forward our vision of everyone having access to safe drinking water with the design of next generation of water purification systems, we have also unveiled the next generation of our website.

We believe our new website reinforces our design principles of safe & convenient, proven technology and eco-friendly.

So what are these design principles? Well, they not only shape our company culture here at Acuva, but also our approach to R&D and product development. After much discussion and debate of our vision and where we want to take Acuva, we settled on the following design principles, which are reflective of both our philosophy and future vision:

Safe & Convenient

Proven Technology

  • We are taking established UV and LED technologies to the next level. The result? Acuva is providing a proven and safe alternative for water purification.


We’d love to hear from you about these design principles and our new website. Questions, ideas, comments? Feel free to send us feedback at info@acuvatech.com.

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