Professional development has always been critical to our success at Acuva. Staying active in the UV and UV-LED communities and up-to-date on the latest trends, tools, and techniques enables us to share what we’ve learned with our customers, and apply that knowledge to our growing line of UV-LED water purification systems.

UV technologies are growing at an unprecedented rate. Technical breakthroughs open new doors of opportunity for businesses like ours to leverage UV technology and design products and processes that improve quality of life. Although UV has a long history in water purification, it is only recently that UV and especially UV-LED are looked at as viable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemical disinfection methods.


What’s next for UV-LED?

Our Chief Technology Officer Dr. Fariborz Taghipour was invited to contribute to the International Ultraviolet Association’s (IUVA) quarterly publication, IUVA News. Respected the world over, IUVA’s mission is to advance the sciences, engineering & applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of human life and to protect the environment.

Speaking on behalf of our team, Dr. Taghipour frames UV-LED as a “technology enabler” and industry game-changer:

“UV LEDs have the potential to transform the UV industry, not only by advancing the design and application of current UV modules, but by enabling the creation of entirely new products and markets.”

Looking to the future, as UV-LED technology becomes increasingly competitive, customers can expect power outputs and efficiencies to rise and price points to drop. Both the UVA-LED and UVC-LED markets are expected to enjoy dramatic growth in the coming years: experts predict the latter will jump from US$7 million in 2015 to US$610 million by 2021.

Specific to water treatment, the market is undergoing drastic change. While there is consensus UV is superior to water disinfection processes that rely on chemical agents, UV-LED is angling to surpass conventional UV lamps as the preferred methodology. Beyond replacing these lamps in existing systems, UV-LEDs compact designs, low power and maintenance requirements, and extended product lifespan place once unimaginable product integrations within reach.

Our UV-LED water purification systems are closing the gap in available technology, offering not only standalone units for individual off-grid or residential applications, but also moving into this new and exciting arena of opportunity. Modular developments provide the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with existing appliances that require or could benefit from purified water, casting an even wider net for people to have point-of-use access to purified water.

Read the full IUVA News article here.  

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