Like our friends at Interior Health, we believe in fresh, clean drinking water for everyone—including here at home in British Columbia.

B.C. is a natural wonderland. With nearly 350 bodies of water and more than 290,000 watersheds, water fuels our bodies and our adventures year round. As a province, we pride ourselves in living harmoniously with the natural resources that surround us, and recognize the importance in protecting water quality for decades and generations to come. We know firsthand how access to potable water positively impacts quality of life.

However, developed nations like Canada and the United States are not impervious to water quality issues. At any given time there are dozens of water quality advisories in effect for rural and remote communities across the country. Add to this a growing list of environmental and societal pressures: things like climate change and population growth are altering aquatic ecosystems, and aging infrastructure places us at increased risk of contamination. To guarantee our water supply stays clean and safe to drink, we must invest in innovative, proven solutions.

As part of the province’s water plan, government officials urged British Columbians to “think about how we can help protect our water and how the government can support these actions.” Our UV-LED water purification products—designed and developed in B.C.—rise to this challenge. We saw an opportunity to leverage UV-LED technology to combat water quality issues and answer the call for a system that is both cost- and energy-effective.


British Columbia Water Facts  

Our team is committed to educating and empowering people to make choices that will keep our communities healthy and hydrated.


Did you know:

  • Over 40% of B.C. residents are served water through pipe systems that are at least 50 years old. (Source: The Value of Water)

  • Revitalizing B.C.’s aging water and wastewater infrastructure will cost an estimated $3,200 per resident, for a grand total of about $13 billion. (Source: The Value of Water)

  • The average B.C. resident uses 490 litres of water per day, which is among the highest per capita water use rates in the world. (Source: Living Water Smart)

  • An estimated 91% of British Columbians get their water from municipal water systems, and 86% of the water that feeds into these systems comes from rivers and lakes. (Source: The Value of Water)

  • Piping for the province’s municipal water, sewer, and stormwater systems spans 80,000 kilometres—enough to circle the earth twice. (Source: The Value of Water)  


Water Quality Resources

The following web links provide additional information about water quality in British Columbia and across Canada:

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