At Acuva, are proud to call British Columbia our home. With BC being in a state of emergency as wildfires blaze through the province, we can’t help but think of the many communities impacted.

The surplus of sunshine in the recent months has led to higher risks of fire and shortage of water in some communities. And now our precious streams, rivers and lakes are subject to surrounding wildfires that make it difficult for water ecosystems to maintain good water quality. The build-up of ash, debris and soil erosion can change the taste, colour and smell of drinking water. The use of fire retardants also results in the possible increase of phosphate, nitrate and nitrite levels in soil and water.

For the communities that have been hit the hardest, it can be more difficult for local water treatment systems to make drinking water safe. How can you ensure your safety? Read this informative guide from HealthLinkBC:

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