With World Water Day on Friday, March 22, the water crisis in the Philippines and the whale with a stomach full of plastic broadcast on news channels around the world, it is important to engage in discussions around the important issue of water and plastic waste reduction. 

Acuva Technologies today announced that it has partnered with Kooler Industries, the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of drinking fountains and water dispensers, to bring Acuva UV-LED water purification technology to the Philippine market.  

Acuva Technologies, based in British Columbia, Canada, is the world leader in the design, manufacture and integration of advanced UV-LED water purification technology solutions. Acuva’s proprietary technology, developed in partnership with the University of British Columbia, purifies drinking water with disinfection rates of 99% or higher to ensure health and safety. Acuva’s Strike platform of customizable modules is optimized for integration into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices, such as those in Kooler Industries’ product lines.

Out of 101 million Filipinos, nine million rely on unsafe and unsustainable water sources and 19 million lack access to improved sanitation. In addition, plastic waste is a major contributor to pollution in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila.

Each installation, configured specifically to Kooler’s unique application requirements, enables 1.2 million litres of safe drinking water which in turn reduces the need for approximately 1.2 million single-use plastic water bottles. Kooler’s first order of 5,000 UV-LED water disinfection modules reduces the need for 6 billion single-use plastic water bottles or 113.4 metric tons of waste. The adoption of Acuva technology in the Philippines will result in a significant win in the war against plastic pollution.

Kooler, the largest manufacturer of drinking fountains and water purifiers in the country will be decommissioning legacy lamp systems to proactively comply with the UN Minamata Convention on Mercury.


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