We believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water.

Growing concern over waterborne diseases is driving the demand for more efficient and effective water treatment systems. Drinking water can easily become contaminated with microbial pathogens such as bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Disinfection of water is a crucial part of the water treatment process.

The belief that everyone should have access to safe drinking water is what drove our team to design the next generation of water purification systems, built upon the proven technology of UV-LED. The Acuva purification system delivers safe & convenient drinking water for mobile and remote applications, such as boats, RVs and cottages.


Our approach is built upon these principles


Proven Technology

UV is accepted by both the EPA and FDA as an effective means of bacteria control.


Safe & Convenient

A solution that provides safe drinking water, which is convenient to access & manage.


Acuva systems can eliminate the consumption of 1.2M plastic water bottles over its lifetime.