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Acuva has developed breakthrough UV-LED water purification solution for a variety of applications.

Acuva’s proprietary UV-LED disinfection technology enables clean drinking water by offering a compact water purification solution, integrtable with consumer appliances such as water coolers, water dispensers, refrigerators etc. We develop partnerships with OEM companies internationally to adopt cutting edge UV-LED water purification solution in to their appliances.

OEM Applications

Our Strike Modules can be integrated in various types of water and ice dispensing applications. There is no limit to the solution we can build. If you have a need, we can provide it.

Our breakthrough technology
will advance your applications


Introducing the future of UV-LED disinfection technology. Designed by our worldclass engineering team, IntenseBeam allows for precise control of optics, hydrodynamics and kinetics within the UV chamber to deliver an intense beam of ultra-violet light directly into flowing water.


Acuva Strike Platform

Our Strike platform of high-performance UV-LED modules features Acuva’s patented IntenseBeam Technology and an advanced design that enables efficient disinfection and sterilization of drinking water for PoU applications and OEM integration. Available in one or two LED configurations, Strike can be customized to suit your specific disinfection and flow rate requirements.


Single UV-C LED Configuration


Double UV-C LED Configuration


How the Disinfection Works

When water with harmful microbial pathogens enter the UV-LED reactor, the UV radiation sterilizes the pathogens by disrupting their DNA. IntenseBeamTM Technology inactivates any microorganisim present in the water, making them unable to infect or multiply.

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