As the world is starting to open businesses and public spaces, we are all realizing the residual effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The outbreak of this virus has always been a public health issue, and as we are all slowly coming out of this, it is even more a public health priority to help the population.  

Acuva believes in contributing to critical public health research on COVID-19 in our home of British Columbia, Canada. We are happy to be partnering up with the BCCDC Foundation for Public Healthwhose COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will support the three-phase approach to combatting COVID-19 on a population level. They are working together with the BC Centre of Disease Control and Canada’s Provincial Ministry of Health.  

Acuva Technologies partners up with the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

In our own way to give back to the community, along with your help, we will donate CAD $250 on the behalf of every customer who purchases a water purification unit. All donations will go to their Emergency Rapid Response Fund! This fund will aid in the following: 

  • Comprehensive assessment of how people in British Columbia have been affected by the pandemic and its financial implications 
  • Development of public health strategies for better responses to future waves and better preparation of future outbreaks 
  • Subsequent serological research on virus immunity and susceptibility 

This comprehensive approach will not only help us understand COVID-19 in BC right now, it will help to create evidence-driven plans to prepare and strengthen our public health response that will serve us now and in the future. 

Health and safety are a driving force for Acuva, as we continuously design and develop different UV-LED technologies for clean, disinfected, and safe water, air and surfaces. We appreciate all the efforts that the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health.  

Click here to learn more about how Acuva’s donations will help the work of the BCCDC Foundation, the BC Centre of Disease Control and the Ministry of Health. 

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