Strike 2 Module

Building upon the Strike platform, Strike 2 is a dual LED derivative that offers more disinfection power while still maintaining a compact form factor

Strike 1 Module

Our most compact form factor available, the Strike 1 Module is ideal for small, cost conscious applications


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Our modular purification technology can be embedded within a range of applications such as water dispensers, fridges, coffee machines and much more


Sample Configuration Specifications

Strike 1

Strike 2

UV Intensity Range 8 mJ/cm2 - 40 mJ/cm2 8 mJ/cm2 - 60 mJ/cm2
Flow Rate Up to 3 L/min Up to 4 L/min
Operating Voltage 10-16 VDC 10-16 VDC
Typical Active Power Draw <5W <10W
Dimensions in (cm) 227 mm x 30 mm 207 mm x 30 mm

The Acuva Advantage

Decrease Costs

Our systems have longer lifespans than other UV-LED or UV lamp competitors, resulting in reductions in lamp and labour expenses.

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Stainless Steel Construction

Our product uses best in class stainless steel and provides a superior product relative to our competitors who use plastic and teflon.

Elevate Brand

Strengthen your brand promise and capture the increasing consumer awareness of the value of UV purification.


Superior Heat Dissipation & Performance

Our systems use passive cooling eliminating the need for power hungry fans. Also our disinfection doesn't rely on a reflective surface which degrades performance overtime. 

Integration Support

Work with a partner that facilitates seamless integration, from needs assessment to configuration within existing hardware.


Let's Work Together

If you're interested in integrating our technology into your products contact us to schedule a needs assessment

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