What is the difference between the Eco NX-Silver and the Arrow 5?
The Eco NX-Silver delivers a flow rate of 1.2 L/min – it can dispense 72,000 liters of water in its lifetime. The device exterior is made with high quality polymer and contains a stainless-steel reactor. The Arrow 5 is one of our bigger systems that delivers a flow rate of 5 L/min. It is constructed with an aluminum housing and contains a stainless steel reactor.

Can both the smart faucet and my refrigerator’s ice maker line be hooked up to a single Acuva unit?
Eco NX-Silver and Arrow 5 systems are primarily designed for single faucet use (with a Smart Faucet or your own); however, they could also potentially be connected to additional dispense points so long as the flow rate inside the unit does not exceed the certified flow rate for 99.9999% disinfection. We recommend seeking professional advice from certified plumbers for connection to additional dispense points.

What is the difference between the Standard Pre-filter and the Advanced Pre-Filter?
The Standard Pre-filter lasts up to 1000 gallons and removes chlorine,  sediments, odor and taste. The Advanced Pre-filter lasts up to 4000 gallons and removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury, carcinogens, and other contaminants, as well as turbidity, unpleasant odors and tastes.

How often do we need to replace the pre-filters?
The Standard Pre-filter should be replaced after 1000 gallons. The Advanced Pre-filter should be replaced after 4000 gallons

How long do your water purification systems last?
The Eco NX-Silver can dispense up to 72,000 liters of water in its lifetime, whereas the Arrow 5 can dispense up to 900,000 liters. You can expect the units to last many years.

How do I winterize my water purifier?
Winterizing can be done quite simply by removing the carbon pre-filter and letting the water drain out on its own. The carbon filter makes it difficult to push air or antifreeze through the system, so it should be removed to be stored indoors over the winter regardless. If water does not drain on its own when the carbon filter is removed, one can also disconnect the tubing from the unit to drain its water.

What is the difference between the 2 power supply options you offer (120-240V AC and 12V DC)?
For most homes running on grid power, the best choice is the 120-240V AC. For most RVs, boats and other motorhomes running on battery power, the best choice is 12V DC.

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