Quality & Performance Features

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Improves Water Quality

UV-LED technology kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses

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Improves Water Taste

Pre-filter removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, mercury & other contaminants.

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Very low maintenance requirements & operates on-demand only when water is flowing.

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No Mercury Contamination

Unlike UV-Lamps, our products don’t contain mercury, eliminating contamination risks.


We’re fighting waterborne diseases, especially in drinking water that is easily contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

Awards & Recognitions

Global New Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan

Best Presenting Company for Sustainable Technology

Banff Venture Forum

CleanTech Emerging Rocket List

Rocket Builders

BBCC Ignite Award

BC Innovation Council

Innovation Award


UV-LED IntenseBeam

IntenseBeam allows for precise control of ultra-violet light directly into flowing water.

The Perfect Solution for OEMs

Our Strike Modules can be integrated in various types of water and ice dispensing applications. There is no limit to the solution we can build. If you have a need, we can provide it.

Our Story

Acuva is driven by passion, innovation and excellence. We believe that everyone should have access to safe drinking water.

Easy install and works great!

We live on a 42 ft trawler with a 250 gallon water tank. We don’t have a water maker so we are at the mercy of each marina we visit and the quality of their water supply. When we decided to cruise to Mexico we knew we had to install some sort of water purification system. After much research and many positive recommendations from the boating community we installed the Acuva 2.0 . We love it, it’s the best upgrade we have made to our 1985 Trawler. Easy install and works great. We even had our water tested and it was great.

The best one!

I’ve tried plenty of filter systems in the past years but this has been the first one that was so easy to install and such a treat to use. I’d highly recommend it to everyone that needs to filter water "on the road" and has high quality standards.

Cannot recommend it enough!

Hands down one of the best thing we added into our camper van! We really do not like having to use single use plastic but when you are travelling on the road and not sure how safe the water is at each campground that definitely is concerning. Our Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Purifier has given us so much peace of mind knowing our water is clean and also tastes great! We have travelled all across Canada this year filling up from all different water sources and been so incredibly happy with the purifier! Cannot recommend it enough!

I absolutely love my Acuva!

I've been using it for over a year full time, regularly filling up my old plastic RV water tank with water from unknown and unreliable sources. All of my drinking water tastes great and I know it's safe. Super easy to install, uses a very small amount of electricity, looks amazing and has been 100% reliable for me. One of my favorite and most essential pieces of equipment in my full time, off-grid van. Huge thank you to everyone at Acuva!


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