Acuva Technologies Pioneers UV-LED Drinking Water Disinfection in the Philippines, Presenting Case Study of Groundbreaking Pilot Trial at BlueTech Forum 2019

Acuva’s Strike UV-LED Module Platform Proven Effective in Reducing Single-use Plastic Waste, Eliminating the Risk of Mercury Leakage and Minimising Maintenance Costs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, [June 6, 2019] – Acuva Technologies today unveiled the results of a trial of its patented UV-LED water purification technology in the Philippines, replacing existing UV-Lamp systems for Kooler Industries, the largest manufacturer of drinking water fountains in the nation with eight regional distribution and service centres.

Acuva Technologies Innovation Showcase Profile

Acuva Technologies, a Vancouver-based company, is the world leader in the design, manufacture and integration of advanced UV-LED water purification technology solutions. Acuva’s proprietary technology, developed in partnership with the University of British Columbia, purifies drinking water with microbial disinfection rates up to 99.9999% to ensure health and safety.

The case study was presented at the BlueTech Forum Innovation Showcase at Kew Gardens, London. Acuva was one of 15 water technology companies selected from across the world, boasting highly innovative technologies that address some of the water industry’s biggest challenges.

Acuva’s UV-LED technology saved on 6 billion single-use plastic bottles in the Kooler trial because its steel-only module can fit any water source, providing safe, environmentally-sustainable drinking water anywhere where existing infrastructure is inadequate.

UV-LED needs one installation. This eliminates any risk of mercury leakage from spent UV-lamps, ahead of the United Nation’s Minamata Convention’s 2020 deadline.

The cost-benefit is clear. Acuva’s UV-LED systems optimize lifetime cost of ownership for Kooler by reducing maintenance costs over its extended lifespan. UV-LED modules configured for Kooler by Acuva last over 5 years. “The product is very reliable. The quality is very good. Our customers will always have safe and clean drinking water,” said Patrick Cua, General Manager of Kooler Industries.

Installation cost paid back after 2 service cycles on material cost alone.  Acuva’s UV-LED reduces downtime because there is no need to take the water purification system offline to replace lamps. It consumes less energy, making it suitable for use with solar. Kooler is expanding its product offering to include compact solar powered systems to help remote communities that have no access to municipally treated water. Microbial tests on river water show that UV-LED treated water contains virtually no microbial contaminants and is safe for drinking.

In fact each Acuva UV-LED module can disinfect 1.2 million litres of water in its lifetime, chemical-free.

UV-LED produces less heat, making drinking water more refreshing.

Manoj Singh, President and CEO of Acuva Technologies, stated: “At Acuva, we believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water, which is why we are proud of our partnership with Kooler Industries to bring UV-LED water purification to the Philippines. This first step saves 6 billion single-use water bottles from garbage dumps and landfills, making a significant difference in the war against plastic waste in the Philippines.”

About Acuva Technologies

Acuva, a world leader in UVC-LED water disinfection technology, developed its UV-LED water purification systems to enable clean drinking water globally. Acuva’s Strike platform of customizable UV-LED modules is designed for ease of OEM integration into consumer and commercial water dispensing appliances. Advanced applications also include integration into lab water equipment. Acuva’s technology provides a sustainable solution for OEMs phasing out conventional UV lamp systems to comply with the Minamata Convention, a United Nations Environmental Program with a mandate to encourage phasing out mercury by 2020. Learn more at

Media Inquiries

Interview opportunities with Fariborz Taghipour, Chief Technology Officer of Acuva Technologies are available upon request.


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