Acuva UV LED, the World’s Most Compact, Energy Efficient & Powerful Water Disinfection Module for OEM Appliance Integration

Acuva’s Strike platform was designed specifically for OEM appliances. It’s slim and compact form-factor enables easy integration into a vast array of consumer and commercial appliances including water coolers/dispensers/fountains, beverage dispensers, ice/coffee makers and lab water equipment.

From simulation to installation, each module is engineered to match water velocity with UV irradiance to optimize microbial disinfection. Acuva’s innovative technology maximizes available UV-LED power through optical lensing to deliver an intense collimated beam of UVC energy directly into water, while reducing energy consumption and extending LED life with automatic on/off activation.

Strike’s modular design is easily scalable and offers full customization to meet OEM flow rate and disinfection performance requirements. Acuva’s intelligent, energy efficient self-cooling system is designed to be virtually maintenance‑free as it contains no moving parts. It also prevents mineral scaling to eliminate the need for cleaning. All of these features, without the need lamp replacement, means hassle-free uninterrupted usage over the module’s lifetime.

Learn more about Acuva’s globally patented UV-LED disinfection technology, and learn how your appliances can benefit from the most precise, reliable and consistent water disinfection system available.