ArrowMAX 1.2 UV-LED Water Purifier


Complete with power adapter and all essential installation components included, the ArrowMAX 1.2 provides high-performance UV water treatment without the need for ongoing lamp replacement. Compatible with any water appliance or faucet.

Enjoy instant, on-demand, non-chemical drinking water purification with low power requirements and without the drawbacks of legacy systems. This PFAS- and mercury-free system safely disinfects water without adding any chemicals to your drinking water.

Acuva’s UV-LED systems can last 10 or more years with typical use, making it easy to access safe water anytime you need it.

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  • Advanced pre-filter included with the unit

    The Advanced Pre-filter comes included with the ArrowMAX 1.2 and lasts up to 4000 gallons which should last 6 to 12 months based on regular usage. The Advanced pre filter will remove lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury, carcinogens, and other contaminants, as well as turbidity, unpleasant odors, and tastes before the water is treated by the ArrowMAX 1.2 UV-LED unit. The Advanced pre filter comes standard with this unit. Please see the comparison chart for the list contaminants that are removed.

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  • With or without a Smart Faucet

    The Acuva Smart-Faucet with Indicator LED Ring in Brush Nickel

    When the Smart Faucet is turned on and blue light illuminated, the Acuva system becomes active. When the blue light is on you can be assured that the system is working effectively to provide you with safe clean drinking water. The Smart Faucet also has a self-cleaning feature that activates every 12 hours. A UV burst ensures all water within the UV-LED purifier is sanitized. Additionally, the UV-LEDs stay on for an additional 5 seconds after activation to ensure any water partially traveling through the unit is free from any microbial contaminants that could cause harm.

  • What's in the Box

Technical Specifications

Product Tehnical Specification Image
Weight3.0 kg

Black Smart Faucet, Bushed Nickel Smart Faucet, Without Smart Faucet


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