The Future of Water Purification


Acuva's UV-LED water purification systems leverage the proven technologies of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and LED lights to provide you with safe drinking water that is produced in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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How it Works

We purify your water in two steps.

1. The Composite Filter removes sediment and activated carbon enhances the taste, odour and colour.

2. The UV-LED Chamber sterilizes harmful bacteria and viruses by disrupting their DNA.

 How our UV-LED water purification systems work

Ideal For


Anyone who wants clean drinking water, really. More specifically, our energy efficient and environmentally friendly system is perfect for off grid and mobile applications such as RVs, boats and homes.

 RV water purification


Whether you currently use bottled water or drink from your storage tank, our system provides drinking water that is more environmentally friendly and safer.

 Boat water purification


If you already have a reverse osmosis water maker installed, our system is the perfect complement to make sure that your water hasn't become contaminated in the tank or plumbing.

 Home water purification


Produce safe drinking water that is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and requires less maintenance than alternatives.


Aren't Filters Good Enough?

Even if your water tastes great, you still risk getting sick with filters alone.

 Bacteria and viruses can pass through filters and into your drinking water

Filters do remove sediment, chlorine and odour to improve your water. But filters are generally not able to remove bacteria, viruses and cysts such as e.coli, giardia and cryptosporidium because these microorganisms are small enough to pass through a filter freely.


Above All Else

When we combined the proven technology of UV disinfection along with the efficiency of LEDs, we created a system that provides advantages over the alternatives.

 UV-LED advantages over water purification alternatives 


Our System

We used to drink straight from our water tank but our grandkids are joining us this summer and we didn’t feel comfortable with the uncertainty of our water’s safety. Now we feel like we have medical quality drinking water and are more comfortable with our family drinking from the faucet on our boat.
— Mr. and Mrs. Lotz

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 UV-LED water purification systems

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