Acuva specializes in a range of point of use (PoU) water purification applications. Within this space our customers have a variety of needs along the continuums of UV disinfection dosage, flow rate, and form factor. To meet these needs we have developed products within two key application categories.  

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Home, RVs & Marine

These stand alone products are often installed under a sink in a home/cottage, RV or boat. They are built in a range of flow rates (from 1 L/min to 10 L/min) and are sold by themselves or with other accessories such as pre-filters, plumbing supplies, and faucets. 

OEM & Appliance Integration

These spartan products represent the core of our technology and can be flexibly integrated into almost all appliances that require a purified water source. Configured in different sizes and with different numbers of LEDs, they are a modular platform that is disrupting business as usual water disinfection tech.