Eco Water Purifier

Eco Water Purifier

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The Acuva 1 Litre Water Purifier

This is our most compact and economical system that is ideal for a single faucet of clean drinking water. It fits easily under your sink in your RV, boat or home and the faucet installs conveniently alongside your existing tap. Provides safe drinking water that is convenient, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Has a flow rate of 1 litre (0.25 gallons) per minute. 

Option to upgrade the prefilter for advanced filtration which removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, chromium 6, mercury, volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, as well as turbidity, odors and bad tastes.

30 day money back guarantee. See return and refund policy for more details.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"We really like our Acuva Water Purifier. It works , it's convenient and the quality of the product is great. My wife drinks a lot of water and she has been using it all the time. We've been talking to our friends about it because it's something that they could use on their RVs as well."

- Mr. Wangen

"Our Acuva system has been great! We used to drink straight from our water tank but our grandkids are joining us this summer and we didn’t feel comfortable with the uncertainty of our water’s safety. Now we feel like we have medical quality drinking water and are more comfortable with our family drinking from the faucet on our boat."

- Mr. and Mrs. Lotz

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Stand The Test of Time.

When we set out to build this product, we wanted it to last with minimal need for maintenance. So we use the highest quality stainless steel to construct a product that is just as durable as it is beautiful.

Smart & Elegant Faucet

Saving You Energy.

The system is activated the moment you turn on the faucet. This saves you valuable energy, unlike traditional UV lamps that always have to be on.

Intelligent Light Indicator

Blue is Safe.

When the blue light is on you can be assured that the system is working effectively to provide you with safe drinking water.

What's In The Box