Arrow 1A Water Purifier

Arrow 1A Water Purifier

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Class-A Water Purifier for Off-grid Living

We've developed a purifier that delivers over 40mj/cm2 of UV energy at 1 LPM (0.25 GPM), to be used as a primary disinfection method for drinking water sourced from streams, lakes, and wells that have a high concentrations of pathogens. Forget the inconvenience of boiling your drinking water, our system will make sure that sediment is removed and pathogens are sterilized. 

Self-cleaning feature activates every 12 hours. A UV burst ensures all water within the UV-LED purifier is sanitized. Also, UV-LEDs stay on for an additional 5 seconds after activation to ensure any water partially travelling through the unit is free from any microbial contaminants that could cause harm.

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