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Sustainability. A concern for all.

As a global leader in water purification, we are committed to developing solutions focused around the sustainable use of the most essential element to our health. Water.

When you think of clean drinking water, bottled water often comes first to mind. However the mass consumption of plastic bottles means we are now facing a crisis in terms of the volume of plastic-trash. 

There has to be a better way. A way that doesn’t leave a lasting negative impact on the environment. A way that doesn’t permanently scar the world around us.


Did you know?

  • U.S. landfills are already overflowing with more than two million tons of discarded plastic water bottles.
  • It takes approximately 3L of water to produce a 1L plastic water bottle.
  • Over 1.5 million barrels of oil are required to meet the demand of U.S. water bottle manufacturing. More than is required to power a city of 100,000 for an entire year.

Our Belief

At Acuva, we believe everyone should have access to safe & convenient drinking water when they need it, no matter where they are. It is this vision that continues to drives us, why we designed the next generation of water purification systems and why we continue to explore new applications for our proprietary technology.


One of our guiding principles is sustainability. Harnessing the power of UV-LED technology to purify drinking water, our purification systems are mercury-free products that:

  • Reduce the need for bottled water, eliminating harmful plastic waste to the environment
  • Reduce energy usage by purifying water at the point-of-use

Using an Acuva Arrow Essential for its 10 year life span can save the consumption of 1.2 million plastic bottles. Let’s break down the impact of 1.2 million bottles will have to the environment over the next ten years:

  • 960,000 – 80% of plastic bottles never get recyled, so that’s the number that will end up in landfills as garbage.
  • 2127 – that’s the year when the remaining 240,000 bottles that are “recycled” will be completely bio-degraded.

Learn more how the Acuva Arrow Essential can provide you with a sustainable solution to safe & convenient water when you need it.