UV-LED: The Future of Water Purification

Acuva's UV-LED water purification systems leverage the proven technologies of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and LED lights to provide you with safe drinking water that is produced in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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How UV Sterilization Works

UV disinfection utilizes strong short-wavelength (250–280 nm) radiation to inactivate microorganisms by destroying the nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Currently, many major cities in Canada, United States, and Europe, such as Vancouver, New York, and Paris have adopted UV as their primary water disinfection process, making UV one of the fastest growing water treatment technologies.

Purification Process

We purify your water in two steps.

1. The Composite Filter removes sediment and activated carbon enhances the taste, odour and colour.

2. The UV-LED Chamber sterilizes harmful bacteria and viruses by disrupting their DNA.

How our UV-LED water purification systems work

Aren't Filters Good Enough?

Even if your water tastes great, you still risk getting sick with filters alone.

Bacteria and viruses can pass through filters and into your drinking water

Filters do remove sediment, chlorine and odour to improve your water. But filters are generally not able to remove bacteria, viruses and cysts such as e.coli, legionella, giardia and cryptosporidium because these microorganisms are small enough to pass through a filter freely.

To ensure your health and safety, it is crucial to consider a water treatment option that can disinfect the water. Filters can not provide complete protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts.


UV-LED vs UV Lamps

The conventional technique for UV water treatment utilizes UV mercury lamps. However, there are serious concerns related to the environmental impacts and performance limitations of UV-lamps.



UV Lamps

Structure Compact Bulky
Power Consumption Low High
Environmental Impact Friendly Mercury Used
Lifetime 10+ Years 1 Year
UV Source Replacement None Every Year
Start Time Instant Long

Above All Else

When we combined the proven technology of UV disinfection along with the efficiency of LEDs, we created a system that provides advantages over the alternatives.

UV-LED advantages over water purification alternatives 

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