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Acuva's UV-LED technology can be integrated into a variety of appliances.
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A Global Leader in
UV-LED Technology

UV-LED Technology for Water

In ACUVA systems, UV-LED light inactivates microorganisms in water by disrupting their DNA. High-energy UV-C photons inactivate the microorganisms present in water, making them unable to infect or multiply.

IntenseBeamâ„¢ Technology

Our patented, state-of-the-art products are designed to integrate with the most advanced and compact technology, allowing for energy-efficiency and low maintenance.

Strike I | Strike II

The Perfect Solution for OEMs

High-performance UV-LED modules in stainless steel construction using Acuva’s patented IntenseBeam™ Technology and an advanced design that enables delivery of a consistent UV-C dose for water appliances.


Cost-effective UV-LED for Appliances

The most cost-effective, yet high-performance, and reliable UV-LED module made with validated polymer material and 3rd generation of UV-LEDs intended for OEM integration into residential water appliances.


Whole House Water Treatment

The ArrowMAX HOME water treatment system is designed for whole home and light commercial applications. Enjoy instant, on-demand drinking water from any tap or faucet in your home with low power requirements.

ArrowMAX 1.0 | ArrowMAX 1.2 | ArrowMAX 2.0 | Arrow 5

Under the Sink Water Treatment

The ArrowMAX water systems are designed for point-of-use applications where you need a compact solution. Enjoy instant, on-demand drinking water with low power requirements.

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Exceptional Quality & Performance

Improves Water Quality White
Efficient & Effective

ACUVA UV-LED technology inactivates 99.999% of E. coli bacteria in water.

Maintenance-Free White
Low Maintenance

Low maintenance requirements and no consumable bulbs to replace.

Versatile Integration

Can be integrated into equipment or used under the sink.

Global Standards

NSF/ANSI 55 Class “B” certified and European certifications.

Low Power

Operates on-demand for low power use.

Solutions Designed for Businesses

Appliance OEM

Effective water treatment is important for many customers in the market for a water or ice dispensing appliance. Strike and Azure products easily integrate with any appliance including icemakers, refrigerators, and water coolers, as a low maintenance, high performance solution.


For hospitality providers and food and beverage companies, water is an important part of daily business. Acuva UV-LED IntenseBeamâ„¢ Technology provides great-tasting water for all your guests.


UV-LED water modules for medical appliances such as dialysis machines and laboratory water makers as well as off-the-shelf devices for dental and medical clinics and hospitals.

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