Case Study - Water Dispensers

“In 2022 we will be rolling out 100 Sipple Hydration Stations throughout the UK and launching Sipple into the rest of Europe and the USA!"

Richard Elmer
SIPPLE Cofounder

Sipple Hydration Stations Offer a Sustainable Option

Sipple Hydration Stations serve contactless, freshly filtered, UV purified, icy cold water to customers in the UK. The Hydration Stations are completely touch-free, and you can refill any bottle with purified, premium, super chilled water. Tap water is free and purified filtered water is available for a small fee to fill a single, reusable bottle.

Founders Lee Congdon and Richard Elmer are finalists in the 2022 Food & Drink Heroes Awards – Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year. They also provide water hydration and filtration stations for office environments, fully installed, managed, and maintained by Sipple. Hydration stations are now in place in London, Liverpool, Manchester, and other cities in the UK, in locations like train stations, cinemas and gyms.

Acuva’s Strike II delivers IntenseBeam™ technology for self-serve water dispensers

Last year in the UK alone, consumers bought 8 billion plastic water bottles. Every year, around 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans. Water refill stations need to be convenient, clean, and cheaper than bottled water to encourage people to change their behavior. 

Water entering the Sipple hydration station is first filtered with submicron technology removing particles and dirt, then through active carbon, removing chlorine taste, bad odors and other contaminants.

Acuva’s Strike II provides efficient, compact water purification inside Sipple’s water dispenser. The UVC-LED delivers high-intensity UV energy to achieve efficient UVC-LED water disinfection.

Acuva’s IntenseBeam™ technology inactivates any microorganisms present in the drinking water, making them unable to infect or multiply.

Why Go With UV-LED?

UV-LED water disinfection technology deactivates harmful viruses and bacteria often found in drinking water. This technology is easy to manage, easy to integrate, and delivers high performance disinfection. It works with low pressure systems and doesn’t waste water – so you can be confident that your water purification system is as efficient as it is effective.

up to 99.9999%

less bacteria and viruses

Why Acuva?

With our patented UV-LED IntenseBeam™ Technology, Acuva develops the
world’s most advanced water purification and disinfection systems, making a
positive impact around the globe in addressing safe drinking water for

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