UV-LED Water Technology

How does UV-LED Technology Work?

In ACUVA systems, UV-LED light inactivates 99.999% of E. coli bacteria* by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

*validated by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Optimized Performance

Our UV-LED water systems are designed with precise optics and hydrodynamics. Water flows through the chamber in a controlled environment, matching water velocity and UV irradiance; creating consistent, reliable performance. ACUVA systems are flow-activated, using minimal power consumption while extending product lifetime.

Trusted Technology

Our patented IntenseBeamâ„¢ technology uses UV-LEDs and optical lensing to deliver a precise beam of UV-C energy into flowing water.

UV-LED Solutions for Water


Gold Standard Performance

Low Power & Low Maintenance

Sustained High Performance

UV-LED vs. Reverse Osmosis

UV-LED Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Works on low pressure (even at 12 psi water pressure)
Requires high water pressure (require at least 40 psi)
Low maintenance
High maintenance due to frequent replacement of cartridges
Does not waste water
Up to 70% of water can be wasted
Keeps healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in water
Removes calcium and magnesium
No need of storage tank
Needs a storage tank
Low cost of ownership
High cost of ownership

What is Log Reduction?

Log reduction is a measure of how many living microbes were eliminated from
water after treatment. Acuva’s UV-LED products are proven to offer 5-log reduction (inactivating 99.999% of E. coli bacteria*).

UV-LED Systems vs UV Lamp Systems

The conventional technique for UV water treatment utilizes UV lamps. However, UV lamp systems use consumable bulbs that contain mercury, which are difficult to dispose of and add to the cost of operation.

UV Lamps
Power Consumption
UV Bulbs
Doesn't use bulbs
Bulbs contain mercury
10+ Years
Typically 1 Year
UV Source Replacement
Typically Every Year
Start Time

Less Plastic Waste

A single Acuva unit can pay for itself in less than a year while significantly reducing the need for more than 100,000 single-use plastic water bottles in its lifetime.

Acuva's Patented Technology

UV-LED IntenseBeamâ„¢ Technology developed at the University of British Columbia.

Low Power Consumption
Long Lifetime & No Performance Degradation
No Replacement Bulbs Needed
Flow-activated Power On/off
Intelligent Self-Monitoring for Safe Operation

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