Our most advanced UV-LED water treatment system for your whole house

Improves Water Quality Sky+Dark
Improves Water Quality

Uses the same efficient UV-LED technology as other ArrowMAX systems.

Maintenance-Free Sky+Dark
Low Maintenance

Low maintenance requirements with long-life LEDs.

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Remote Monitoring

IoT capability to monitor the condition & function of the system from a mobile app.

Low Power

Operates on-demand for low power use.

A whole house water treatment system

Manage your system at your fingertips

The Acuva ArrowMax HOME features IoT capabilities, so you can manage the system condition, lifetime water usage, energy consumption, filter change, and other important information remotely from a mobile app.

The mobile app can also monitor and predict when it will be necessary to change the filter according to your home water consumption pattern.

Product Information

Specifications ArrowMAX HOME
UV Dose Delivery >16 mJ/cm2
Certified Flow Rate 8.5 GPM
Water Inlet Fitting 3/4” NPT Male
Water Outlet Fitting 3/4” NPT Male
Input Voltage 110-240V
Power Consumption (Active) 95W
Maximum Water Temperature 40 °C
Maximum Working Pressure 100 PSI
Minimum Working Pressure 40 PSI
LED Life-time 1,000 hr (On demand)
Power Source AC (Power adapter)
Can Serve Multiple Faucets Yes
Weight 4.29 Kg
Material Stainless steel chamber
Certification NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’

Our Technology

The ArrowMAX HOME is powered by our patented IntenseBeam technology to deliver a precise beam of UVC energy into flowing water and for consistent water treatment before being dispensed from faucets, hoses, or showerheads – using only UV-C light.

Still have questions?

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The ArrowMAX HOME system should be installed by trained technician. Please contact the dealer/retailer you purchased the system from to install the system.

The typical installation involves cutting into the cold-water supply and installing ArrowMAX Home with unions and appropriate fittings. All the joints have to be tightened properly using a plumber’s tape to avoid any chances of leakage or flooding. Once installed, the unit must be configured from the display panel and technician must sure that the unit is working properly. Please refer to the installation manuals shipped with the product for more detailed installation instructions. The installation manual/user manual can also be downloaded from our website.

A filter set should be used with AM Home maintains the UVT (UV transmittance) of the incoming water at a level of > 95%. Based on the quality of the source water, the consumer may need a sediment filter to increase the UVT or an additional CTO carbon block stage to reduce the hardness of the water. In regions with poor water quality, a third stage is needed to take out heavy metals (such as lead, iron, manganese, etc.) to improve the UVT of water, for example KDF resin-based cartridges or Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).

No, the ArrowMAX HOME doesn’t come with filters, but it is compatible with various 3rd party pre-filters.

Acuva systems are on-demand and flow activated. The UV LEDs inside the system will switch on automatically as soon as water starts flowing. Please make sure that system is plugged in to power.

When source water is supplied from a storage tank, we recommend installing the system after the water storage tank in the utility room or in your basement so any contamination growing the water tank can be taken care of by the UV system. For other cases (municipal water supply, pre-treated surface/ground water, etc.), install the device at the point of entry after proper pre-filtration.

ArrowMAX Home is compatible with any pre-filter which can offer the rated flow rate 8.5GPM or higher. Please note that if your pre-filters are rated for a lower flow rate then the flow rate from ArrowMAX home will drop.

The UV-LEDs in ArrowMAX home are rated for 1,000 hours of on demand operation. Which means for an average use of approximately an hour per day, the LEDs will last for 3 years. The LEDs can be replaced easily by a trained technician by opening the LED heads at both ends of the device. LED replacement heads are sold separately from the ArrowMAX Home system.

The ArrowMAX is equipped with 5” display which shows the status of the device, the timer for lifetime of device, the timer for lifetime of pre-filters, the last date filters were changed, and the amount of water treated. ArrowMAX home is also equipped with IoT and comes with a Mobile App which can be downloaded from App Store on iPhone or play store on Android phone. The same features can also be monitored from the Mobile App even from a remote location.

You can turn the system off whenever you want. Unlike UV-Lamp systems, ArrowMAX Home is based on UV-LEDs. If your system is turned off for an extended period, please remember to flush the water until all the water in the plumbing is drained as there is a possibility that bacteria may exist in the plumbing. Please also remember to winterize the system if the location goes below freezing.

Yes, for best results, we recommend installing the system vertically, where water outlet is on top and inlet at bottom.

The ArrowMAX Home system can be installed horizontally as long as water inlet/outlet of the system are facing upward. For best results, we recommend installing the system vertically, where water outlet is on top and inlet at bottom.


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