Our most advanced UV-LED water treatment system for your whole house

Improves Water Quality

UV-LED technology eliminates up to 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses.

Improves Taste & Odor

Optional pre-filter removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury & other contaminants.


Very low maintenance requirements & operates on-demand for low power use.

Remote Monitoring

IoT capability to monitor the health & function of the system from a mobile app (available June 2022).

No Mercury

Unlike UV-Lamps, our products don’t contain mercury for a more environmentally friendly option.

Whole house water treatment system you can trust

Powered by Acuva's IntenseBeam technology

The ArrowMAX HOME is powered by our patented IntenseBeam technology to deliver a precise beam of UVC energy into flowing water and create consistent disinfection before being dispensed from faucets, hoses, or showerheads – without the use of any chemicals.

Over the course of its life, it will require no maintenance apart from the replacement of the optional pre-filters.

Manage your system at your fingertips

The Acuva ArrowMax HOME features IoT capabilities, so you can manage the system health, lifetime water usage, energy consumption, filter change, and other important information remotely from a mobile app.

The mobile app can also monitor and predict when it will be necessary to change the filter according to your home water consumption pattern.

How UV-LED water treatment works

When water with harmful microbial pathogens enters the UV-LED chamber, the UV light inactivates the pathogens by disrupting their DNA. High energy UV-C photons inactivate any microorganisms in the water, making them unable to infect or multiply.

Why Acuva?

Acuva is a world leader in UV-LED technology and designs innovative products for water treatment. Our patented, state-of-the-art products are designed and manufactured in Canada. Acuva™ designs products that integrate the most advanced and compact technology, allowing for energy-efficiency and ultra-low maintenance.

We strive to make a positive social impact with our technology, especially now when safety from microbiological contamination has never been more important.

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