Clear skies, clean water; the future of
aviation water purification is here.

The Next Generation of Aviation Water Purification

The aviation industry has long struggled with water disinfection. UV-lamp technology has been used in the past, however, these systems are easily compromised by mercury contamination. Acuva UV-LED IntenseBeam™ Technology eliminates up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses without requiring the use of mercury.

Our devices are easily integrable to any aircraft and require minimal maintenance. At even the highest altitudes, our systems deliver efficient and effective water disinfection making it the ideal solution for any aerospace manufacturer.

Get Onboard with UV-LED Disinfection

Acuva’s unique water disinfection technology is quickly becoming a premier choice for the aviation industry, and has even been used in-flight for search and rescue missions.
  • Effective Purification NSF/ANSI 55 Class B Certified Technology removes bacteria and viruses at highest disinfection of 6/4/3 (6-log bacteria, 4-log virus, 3-log cyst).
  • Intelligent Design The device is lightweight and can be easily integrated into most existing systems.
  • Efficient Inflight Operation Low voltage and low power consumption for increased efficiency of recycled water.

Why Go With UV-LED?

UV-LED water disinfection technology deactivates harmful viruses and bacteria often found in drinking water. This technology is easy to manage, easy to integrate, and delivers high performance disinfection. It works with low pressure systems and doesn’t waste water – so you can be confident that your water purification system is as efficient as it is effective.

up to 99.9999%

less bacteria and viruses

Why Acuva?

With our patented UV-LED IntenseBeam™ Technology, Acuva develops the
world’s most advanced water purification and disinfection systems, making a
positive impact around the globe in addressing safe drinking water for

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Interested in Integrating our Technology into Your Aviation Water Products?

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