Drinking water for every guest.

Reinventing Water Technology for Hospitality Businesses

Great service starts with the health and safety of your guests. Acuva UV-LED IntenseBeam™ Technology inactivates 99.999% of harmful E. coli bacteria* to provide great-tasting drinking water for every person that walks through your doors. It’s a water treatment solution that can work seamlessly in restaurants and hotels.

*Tested by an accredited third-party laboratory.


Two Water System Options


A low maintenance water system for your entire facility. This option comes with a 5” smart display and can be monitored remotely from a mobile app using IoT.


An easily adaptable water system for single or multiple taps.

Designed to Serve the Service Industry

Acuva technology is integrable to any existing system and easy to maintain making it a natural choice for any hospitality business.

Made to Last

Constructed using high-grade solid materials for minimal maintenance and a lifespan of 10+ years.


ACUVA ArrowMAX point-of-use systems are compliant with industry standards, such as NSF/ANSI 55 Class B and NSF/ANSI 42 & 53.

Why Go With UV-LED?

ACUVA UV-LED water technology inactivates 99.999% of E. coli bacteria* found in drinking water. This technology is easy to manage, easy to integrate, and delivers high performance water treatment. It works with low pressure systems and doesn’t waste water – so you can be confident that your water system is as efficient as it is effective.


less E. coli bacteria*

Why Acuva?

With our patented UV-LED IntenseBeam™ Technology, Acuva develops the world’s most advanced water treatment systems, making a positive impact around the globe in addressing accessible drinking water for everyone.

Acuva Partners with Texino

Texino is a company based in Los Angeles, CA that sells and rents vans equipped for adventure. Fabricating vehicle conversions in-house, Texino sources the highest possible materials, components and methods to live comfortably while on the road. They partnered with Acuva Technologies to install ArrowMAX water filtration systems in converted vans, providing their customers with a lightweight, low-maintenance way to source fresh drinking water.

Interested in Our Technology?

Ready to learn how we can help you grow your business with Acuva UV-LED water treatment technology today?

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