Advanced UV-LED Air Systems

UV-LED technology for indoor air and HVAC applications.

High Quality & Performance

Improves Water Quality Sky+Dark
Efficient Performance
Efficient and Economical Sky+Dark
Compact & Easy to Install Sky+Dark


Maintenance-Free Sky+Dark

Powerful Air Technology with UV-LEDs

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For Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air in the space passes through the UV-LED chamber. Acuva’s patented technology uses optical lensing for a highly efficient, high-performance solution.

Air Purification Elevator

For HVAC and Indoor Systems

Elevators and other indoor public spaces can be at risk for poor air quality. Our compact, scalable technology can be easily integrated into HVAC applications, elevators and other ventilation systems.

For Ground Transportation

UV-LED air modules for vehicles and public transportation that are power efficient and keep running as long as the routes do.

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