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in four small instalments.

How it works.

The best part?

Your item ships out immediately, meaning that you do not have to wait until the payments are completed to start using your Acuva Water system!

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Here is an example.

If you are purchasing the Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water System:
You would pay $149.75 right away, and then $149.75 every two weeks for the next six weeks (so, four payments in total).

Still have questions?

What is Afterpay?

Simply shop online and choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.

How do I use Afterpay?

Afterpay is a service that allows you to make purchases now and pay for them in four payments.

How does Afterpay work?

Make your first payment at the time of purchase. The remaining three payments will be automatically deducted from your chosen payment method every two weeks.

Does Afterpay check my credit or affect my credit score?

Afterpay does not perform external credit checks and will not affect your credit score.

Can I use Afterpay if I am an international customer?

Afterpay is only available to customers with a US billing address, shipping address, credit card, and mobile phone number. Customers with international billing addresses, shipping addresses, and/or phone numbers will not be able to set up an account with Afterpay.

Can I make a partial return?

A partial return (e.g., 1 item from a purchase of 2 items) can take up to 20 days (about 3 weeks) to be processed and updated on the financial side.

Where can I find out more about Afterpay?

If you would like to know more about Afterpay, visit the Afterpay website for a comprehensive list of FAQs, terms, instalment agreement well as Afterpay’s Privacy Policy which can be found at If you have any questions about your Afterpay account, please contact Afterpay directly via a web form found here.

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