Case Study - Discovery Channel TV Series

Acuva™ Partners with The RV Geeks

“We’ve never been more confident in or satisfied with a water product in nearly 20 years of full-time life on the road."

Peter Knize & John Sullivan
The RV Geeks

Acuva Partners with The RV Geeks

Acuva is featured in the The RVers TV series alongside The RV Geeks, one of the most famous YouTube channels for the RV audience, with a special focus on DIY maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Full-time RVers for nearly two decades, Peter Knize and John Sullivan have chosen an Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water System for their Class A motorhome.

The world's most popular RV TV series

The RVers airs on broadcast television series produced by the award-winning producers of The Aviators. The nomadic RV lifestyle is more popular now than it’s ever been. Many of the popular RV organizations boast membership in the hundreds of thousands. In the United States alone, the RV community exceeds 30 million people!

The RVers air on broadcast television in the U.S. on Discovery Channel and PBS, as well as across Canada on the Wild Pursuit Network and Bell TV’s CHEK, and internationally through Canamedia.

The series is also available digitally on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, and Vudu.

Why Go With UV-LED?

ACUVA UV-LED water technology inactivates 99.999% of E. coli bacteria* found in drinking water. This technology is easy to manage, easy to integrate, and delivers high performance water treatment. It works with low pressure systems and doesn’t waste water – so you can be confident that your water system is as efficient as it is effective.


less E. coli bacteria*

*Tested by an accredited third-party laboratory.

Why Acuva?

With our patented UV-LED IntenseBeam™ Technology, Acuva develops the world’s most advanced water treatment systems, making a positive impact around the globe in addressing accessible drinking water for

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