The Whole Home System is Here – The ArrowMAX HOME UV-LED Water Treatment System

The Acuva ArrowMAX™ HOME water system is a point-of-entry (POE) system designed for larger homes and high flow rates, up to 8.5 GPM.

Have you ever thought about what’s in your water? Half of American households rely on home water treatment systems or bottled water because they are not sure their tap water is safe. This is a concern in other countries as well. Contamination from microorganisms in water is naked to the human eye. If your water is clear, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to drink.

So, what kind of water treatment systems are the best fit for home use, while being cost-efficient and easy to use? Water treatment systems are often categorized as either whole-house or individual units. Individual units are also called point-of-use. They can be installed under the sink, on a countertop or on a faucet. On the other hand, point-of-entry systems involve the installation of water treatment equipment on the main incoming water line in each home (or business).

Acuva Technologies Inc. is a global leader in UV-LED disinfection technology. We design, develop, and manufacture advanced UV-LED systems for water and surface applications, using the precise technology of UV-LEDs against bacteria and viruses.

Image: Acuva Technologies

Through our research, we developed a solution for the whole home treatment system. The ArrowMAX™ HOME water treatment system is designed to provide refreshing and safe water to every water outlet in your house. The system is powered by Acuva’s patented UV-LED Intensebeam™ technology, and it eliminates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses (6-log reduction). With an optional pre-filter, the complete system can also remove lead, chlorine, heavy metals, and mineral impurities while improving the water’s taste.

Acuva ArrowMAX™ HOME water system is designed for larger homes requiring a point-of-entry system (POE) and high flow rates, up to 8.5 GPM. It needs to be installed by a plumber, but it’s a straightforward job, simply connecting to your home’s water supply at the point it enters the house. ArrowMAX HOME has significant maintenance cost savings vs. UV-lamp, the traditional method on the market. The traditional method requires regular cleaning and replacement of the bulbs, which this system doesn’t. ArrowMAX HOME also uses power on-demand, only when the water is flowing, compared with the always-on UV-lamp systems.

Image: Acuva Technologies

The ACUVA ArrowMAX™ HOME is Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled. A matrix of sensors in the ArrowMAX™ HOME system will monitor LED health, water flow, power consumption, and filter lifetime. With the Acuva Connect app, other features are also available:

  • The system can store data even if there is no internet, and when reconnected it synchronizes to provide the most up-to-date data remotely.
  • The mobile app allows the user to monitor the system’s health, communicate with technical help, and even purchase accessories if needed.
  • The app notifies the user when filter replacement is needed, or if the UV-LED is not working.
Image: Acuva Technologies

To improve water quality, homeowners can invest in a whole home water treatment system, and choose a filter based on concerns and specific contaminants in their water supply. If you compare ArrowMAX™ HOME vs. standard UV-Lamp options, there can be cost savings of $2,500+ over 10 years (55% savings), due to the lower maintenance and energy costs. There’s no need to replace bulbs or quartz sleeves like a UV-lamp system.

A reliable water treatment system will ensure your family has healthy, safe water to consume, and you can be confident in the water quality in your home. With Acuva’s water treatment system you can be sure that your whole house is being supplied with clean safe water for your family when they are taking a shower, bath, cooking or simply drinking water from the tap.


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