Water Purification Systems

Acuva’s water purification systems employ the powerful technology of UV-LED to eradicate waterborne diseases. You never need to worry about the quality of the water in your home ever again!

Water Purification Buyers Guide

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ArrowMAX 1.0

UV-LED Water Purifier

ArrowMAX 2.0

UV-LED Water Purifier

Arrow 5

UV-LED Water Purifier

ArrowMAX 1.0
ArrowMAX 2.0
Arrow 5
Flow Rate (L/min)
1 L/min
2 L/min
5 L/min
Est. Fill time for 1 cup of Water
20 seconds
10 seconds
4 seconds
Suited for:
Small vans, boats, RVs
Homes, RVs, Boats, Cottages
Larger homes, cottages & boats
Water Disinfection Rate
Smart Faucet Included
Yes / Optional
Yes / Optional
Yes / Optional
Pre-Filter Option
Standard or Advanced
Power Source
AC or DC
AC or DC
AC or DC
Power Consumption when Active
Capacity (Litres)
Estimated Life
> 5 Years**
> 7 Years**
> 10 Years**
Single-use plastic bottles
saved from landfills
1 Year
1 Year
2 Years
Unit Dimensions (mm)
250 x 47.5 x 105
250 x 47.5 x 105
280 x 90 x 160
Can Serve Multiple Faucets
Starting Price (USD)

** Based on 5-10 litres consumption of of drinking water per person per day in a family of 4 ( family of 8-10 in case of Arrow 5)  

Reliable Water Purification for Your Home

Purchasing an Acuva UV-LED Water Purification System means you are purchasing the highest quality system that provides the cleanest water for your home and family. 

Ideal Solution for Boats

Acuva’s products are perfect for boats and off-grid travels. Our products are lightweight, compact, low power, easy to install, and can run on AC or DC power.

Built Specifically for Your Home-on-Wheels

Choosing to live off-grid is choosing to live free but a precarious water source can ruin that. With an Acuva system, you can have total confidence in your drinking water no matter where you source it. It is the perfect water purifier for RVs, sprinter vans, and airstreams!


Choosing to live off-grid is choosing to live free. You can trust the water you drink with an Acuva water purification system on board.



UV-Led IntenseBeam

IntenseBeam delivers an intense beam of ultra-violet light directly into flowing water.

Strike Platform

Our Strike platform features an advanced design that enables consistent disinfection and purification of drinking water for Point of Use applications and OEM integration.

Antimicrobial efficacy

Acuva systems eliminate up to 99.9999% of all kinds of bacteria and viruses, which can go undetected by average filters. 

Chemical-free Water Treatment
Safe & Convenient
Environmentally Friendly
No Maintenance Needed

Purified water for a better quality of life


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