ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Treatment System

(75 customer reviews)


The ArrowMAX 2.0, our most popular water system, inactivates 99.999% of E. coli bacteria*. It comes with an Advanced Pre-filter, removing 99% of chlorine and lead, plus VOCs and unpleasant odors.

Complete with power adapter and all essential installation components included, it provides high-performance UV water treatment without the need for ongoing lamp replacement. Enjoy instant, on-demand, water treatment with low power requirements and without the drawbacks of legacy systems.

This product cannot be shipped to Mexico. Please contact our customer support for assistance.

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  • Advanced pre-filter included with the unit

    The Advanced Pre-filter removes 99% of chlorine and lead, plus reduces VOCs and unpleasant odors. It comes included with the ArrowMAX 2.0 system and lasts up to 1,500 gallons (5,678 liters), or around 6 months depending on usage. It has NSF 42 and NSF 53 certification.

  • With or without a Smart Faucet

    The Acuva Smart Faucet with Indicator LED Ring in Brushed Nickel or Black.

    When the Smart Faucet is turned on and blue light illuminated, the Acuva system becomes active. When the blue light is on you can be assured that the system is working effectively. The Smart Faucet also has a self-cleaning feature that activates every 12 hours. Additionally, the UV-LEDs stay on for an additional 5 seconds after activation.

  • What's in the Box
    • UV-LED Water Treatment System
    • In-Line Water Filter
    • Flow Sensor
    • Mounting Equipment
    • Plumbing Supplies
    • Power Supply
    • User Manual

Our most popular UV-LED treatment system, the ArrowMAX 2.0, inactivates 99.999% of E. coli bacteria* in drinking water. Included with an Advanced Pre-filter, the unit also removes 99% of chlorine and lead, plus reduces VOCs and unpleasant odors.

The ArrowMAX 2.0 is a great choice for homes, cottages or under the sink in any room.

  • Provides flow rate of 2 liters per minute (0.52 gallons)
  • Can dispense 120,000 liters of water in its lifetime. Expected life is 7+ years.
  • Acuva Smart Faucet (optional) glows blue when the unit is activated.
  • High-quality compact polymer body casing
  • 1 year warranty
  • NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’ and NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO R&T

*Tested by an accredited third-party laboratory.

Disclaimer for orders shipping OUTSIDE of North America

Technical Specifications

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 7 in

3.0 kg (6.61 lb)


250 mm (9 7/8")


105 mm (4 1/8")


47.5 mm (1 7/8")

Maximum Water Temperature

40°C (105°F)

Minimum Water Temperature

4°C (39°F)

Maximum Ambient Relative Humidity


Power Source

120-240 V AC, 12V-DC

Power Consumption (Active)

Approx. 9.0W

Power Consumption (Standby)

Approx. 0.1W

Flow Rate

2 liters per minute (0.52 gallons)

Est. Fill Time for 1 Cup of Water

10 seconds


120,000 liters of water dispensed in its lifetime

Maximum Working Pressure

100 PSI

Minimum Working Pressure

12 PSI


NSF/ANSI-55 Class “B” and NSF/ANSI 372

UV Dose Delivery

>16 mJ/cm2

Water Inlet Fitting

1⁄4” OD Push-to-Connect

Water Outlet Fitting

1⁄4” OD Push-to-Connect

LED Life-time (on demand)

1,000 hours

Series Name

ArrowMAX 2.0

Color / Finish Family



Advanced Pre-Filter

Pre-filter Life

6-12 months (depending on the usage)

Number of Filters




Household Size

4+ people



Base Warranty Labor

12 months

Base Warranty Parts

12 months

Electronics Warranty Labor

12 months

Electronics Warranty Parts

12 months

Special Warranty Labor

12 months

Tank Warranty Parts

12 months

Filtration Method

Sediment filtration

Reverse Osmosis Filtration


75 reviews for ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Treatment System


  1. Mark Smith (verified owner)

    Mark S. Oct.2023
    One of the most important things to have in your RV and it’s SAFE Drinking water even from your fresh water tank on board, and I found this product to be the BEST, i bought it installed it and now the best water comes right out of a tap by the sink no more loading my 5th wheel with bottled water freeing up space for other things…
    What a difference it is to have safe thank you clean water for coffee, cooking and drinking right out of the tap and it is so small it takes up very little room I’m impressed at how easy it was to install my wife loves the fact we will never run out of water ever again and I’m happy I don’t have to find places to store water for the long trips…
    Thank You Arrow MAX 2.0 UV-LED

  2. Brock McNeill

    Traded our Brita pitcher for this unit on our sailboat. Was easy to install and has a low power draw. Way better than having to stuff the full Brita pitcher in the sink when we are underway.

  3. Tara Lowther (verified owner)

    We love our Acuva filter! We have had it for a year now in our off grid cabin and the water tastes sooooo good! We are water snobs and are sensitive to the flavor and this filter is definitely the best. It was easy to install, doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t use much power. I’m back for a new pre filter. Oh and we got black and it’s beautiful 😍 not a scratch on the finish a year later. I’m impressed.

  4. Dennis (verified owner)

    I bought my first Acuva 1.2 and put it in my fith wheel camper. We really love it. It doesn’t take up much space right under the sink. We added the faucet, so we have a seperate fresh water spigot. We now just bought our second Acuva 1.2 and put it in our house. I used to sell water purifiers, so I know the value of having a uv light water purifier. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. The only downside is it takes awhile to fill a water jug, but I guess that comes with a nice small product.

  5. Johanne Longpre (verified owner)

    Nous avons acheté le Acuva 2.0 pour le Vr. Plus besoin d’acheter toutes ces bouteilles d’eau.
    Nous pouvons boire l’eau avec confiance

  6. Paul Abitz (verified owner)

    We have used the ArrowMAX 2.0 and faucet in our Motorhome for over two and a half years and the peace of mind from drinking clean water out of that little spout is a great feeling. We’ve just purchased the same set up to add to our new B-van.
    I have spoken with their technical group for assistance and they have been very helpful each and every time. I had a defective unit with a very small leak and it was immediately taken care of.
    If you want a great tasting, safe and uncomplicated clean water source, Acuva products are top notch.

  7. Ruthie (verified owner)

    I installed the Acuva ArrowMax 2.0 in my sailboat I was living on. My water tanks weren’t accessible without unscrewing the floorboards and even then there was one tank that didn’t have a porthole so that I could get in to clean them. I did my best with bleach etc, but the ArrowMax gave me extra peace of mind. Water came out of the smart faucet fresh and clean, and tasted great. It was a game changer. I no longer had to haul gallons of water down to the boat to sit on my countertop! Customer service is very friendly and helpful as well (you get to talk to a real person!) I just bought a second ArrowMax to put in my built out van for a trip down to Baja I’ll be taking in a few months.

  8. Ralph Riganti (verified owner)

    Why would I buy three? Well last year I wanted one for my new motorhome because it’s so important to have good quality water while traveling. Installation went smoothly and I am very happy. Then my old reverse osmosis unit for the home was due for ‘5 filter replacements’ and I thought why am I still using these old school type filters? So I decided to buy another ArrowMAX 2.0 for the home. We are building a small house in the back yard for my daughter and grandson and she asked ‘hey dad can you buy one for us too?’. I believe in quality drinking water for my family because I can’t rely on tap water being pure as when I use these Acuva Technology products. I highly recommend it!

  9. William Helm (verified owner)

    I use this on my boat for drinking water and it works well and the water tastes great. However the unit developed an internal leak and had to be replaced otherwise 5 stars.

  10. Roger Jobin (verified owner)

    Nous avons installé un filter Acuva 2.0 dans notre nouvelle Van convertie pour éviter d’acheter des bouteilles d’eau (ce qui n’est pas très écologique) pour la consommation. C’est vraiment formidable, un système de filtration compact et facile à installer, nous l’adorons. C’est un bon produit canadien en plus. Les produits Acuva sont souvent en promotion…n’hésitez pas l’eau c’est la vie!

  11. Jim Damon (verified owner)

    This will be our third Acuva unit. We use them on water cisterns in tropical environments where we need to catch rainwater for household use. We have tested the water and found the Acuva does a wonderful job purifying the water. We like the low power requirements too because we rely on solar power and batteries. Acuva units are perfect for us.

  12. Phong Tran (verified owner)

    We installed our ArrowMAX 2.0 in our van conversion and love it. Water tastes great. Very well designed, essy to install, and looks great. Highly recommended!

  13. Jose L. Torres (verified owner)

    We installed our ArrowMax 2.0 on our sailboat. We spend a lot of time and effort refitting out fresh water system with all new hoses, tank, pump, etc. so we wanted to go the extra mile so we could use this water for drinking safely instead of carrying cases of water.

    The ArrowMax 2.0 is compact and it fits perfectly in our small under sink cabinet. It was easy to install and easy to connect to out 12v system.

    We highly recommend it.

  14. Mark Lawler (verified owner)

    Easy peasy!  I installed the Acuva Technologies ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Treatment System in my RV over the last weekend. I had its smaller brother in my previous rig and the upgrade was an easy install in my 2023 Newmar New Aire 3543.

    The only mods I made to the rig itself was:
    o Cutting the 1/2″ pex before the icemaker shutoff and installing their inline sharkbite T with shutoff valve.
    o Drilling the hole in the countertop for their smart faucet (base lights up when the UV filter is on).
    o I cut a small notch out of the back corner of my trash can slide tray to make more room for the inline water filter (only because of how the full-wall slideout works in the sink/plumbing area and my desire as to where I wanted to mount the ArrowMax 2.0 components)
    o I tapped into 12V power off the supply to the LED cabinet lights

    Looking forward to great tasting and much safer water! A great investment in both money and DIY time.


  15. walter hess (verified owner)

    we have ordered an new RV and the recently purchased arrowmax 2.0 will be installed in it. our previous rv has the identical 2.0 unit. easy to install to purify our drinking water as well the water used in our ice maker in the rv. the water we are drinking now is far superior to bottled and it is nice to have purely clear ice for our drinks. we highly recommend this unit.

  16. Don (verified owner)

    We’ve had the ArrowMAX 2.0 for almost a month now. And from the start has worked flawlessly. We were a bit worried it would not arrive Intime for a fall RV trip but did with one day to spare. Installation was a breeze and has been providing very clear water ever since for drinking and coffee. The RV has a split feed to Brushed Nickle lighted tap and the refrigerator so ice and water in the fridge lights up the tap too. Great addition to our drinking water system in our 2020 Jayco NorthPoint 310 RLTS.
    Thanks Acuva.

  17. Charles McDowell (verified owner)

    This unit has worked flawlessly after adapting to our Island Packet 40, Island Sol, currently berthed in Guatemala. No problems or complaints so far!

  18. Angel (verified owner)

    I’ve had the ArrowMAX 2.0 for almost a year now and couldn’t be more impressed. I live in a rural area with well water that smells and tastes funny naturally. This filter removes all of that and allows for a constant stream of filtered water that smells and tastes great. So much better than using a pitcher that had to constantly be filled.

  19. Jeni @ SV Ramlbe On (verified owner)

    We installed the ArrowMAX 2.0 in our sailboat. We’ve been at a marina that has well water and while it’s perfectly safe to drink, the taste is awful. We used to haul bottled water to the boat, then we upgraded our water filtration system (filter at the dock, 2 filters on the boat, and through a water softener) and still the water tasted off. We added a travel Berkey filter and that solved the problem for several years. The problem with the Berkey was it sat on the counter or tabletop. Not only did it take up a lot of precious space (it’s a sailboat, remember), but we couldn’t use it while sailing (it would tip over). The ArrowMAX has been a game changer. The advanced filter says not to use it with well water (though it doesn’t say why), but we figured our well water is highly filtered before it gets to the advanced filter so it should be fine. And it has been. It’s small enough to fit in the locker under the sink and was easy to install. We love having a dedicated faucet for drinking water. And more importantly, we love having drinking water that tastes great.

  20. James Barker (verified owner)

    Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Purifier Is a game changer! Great option to ensure we have safe water for your family. Water taste great and nice to know particles ore filter out then any bacteria, ecoli or other dangerous concerns are covered! No more cases and cases of water on long trips. Black water spout matches my faucet nicely as well! Very high quality. Also nice to have lighting built into the base to let you know when UV is working.

  21. Caillin Langmann (verified owner)

    Installed on our boat, easy and simple. Works perfectly, provides clean water without having to regularly add disinfectant to water tanks.

  22. Luc Desaulniers (verified owner)

    One world, WOW. Plus besoin de trainer des bouteilles. On peux boire l’eau notre VR sans aucune crainte. Je recommande fortement. Acheter sans crainte.
    Buy it you don’t regret.
    Merci, Tank you.

  23. James Davis

    Added this to our 2022 Montana Legacy. Our water tasted like the plastic tanks before. Now the water is not only safe but no more bad taste. No more bottled water! What I liked is that I could hook it up to the 12v that was already in the island.

  24. Steven Meyer (verified owner)

    So far so good! Love being able to avoid bottled water on my boat. Install was easy and I had it done in an afternoon. Water tastes good too!

  25. Lynn Thomas (verified owner)

    We’ve had the Acuva on both our boat AND in our RV! We wouldn’t have any other water filtering system! Easy to use and install and customer service ROCKS!

  26. Francine Painchaud (verified owner)

    This is my second Acuva System.
    We change our rv so we order a new one.
    Easy to install , and the water is perfect .
    The fact we order a new one tells how we love it.

  27. Pablo V (verified owner)

    This is my second Acuva purchase. We have used them in an airstream interstate and also in an airstream base camp. The black fixture looks like a factory install on my base camp! The airstream dealer was so impressed!

    The products have worked flawlessly and when I have needed support for some configuration/installation questions, the team has been very responsive and supportive. The water that comes out of this is clean, clear and tastes perfect. Don’t hesitate… Make the purchase! Excellent product!

  28. Thomas Van Mil

    Easy to follow instructions and easy to install.

  29. Serge L. (verified owner)

    Un achat parfait, plus besoin de transporter d’eau potable en extra et le goût est parfait.
    A perfect purchase, no need to carry extra drinking water and the taste is perfect.

  30. John D Neander Sr (verified owner)

    We were carrying gallon jugs of water in our 5th wheel and refilling them with RO filtered water for coffee, tea, and consumption from home or at filtered water vending machines while traveling. We eventually had problems with leaking jugs.
    They always seamed to leak from the bottom and emptied the whole gallon all over the trailer.
    The Acuvatech filter system makes it much easier to obtain really good tasting and safe water while traveling.
    We will never go back to storing and carrying bottles of water again.

  31. Ileane Pfeifer (verified owner)

    Love our Acuva for our RV! So happy we do not have to carry around bottled water anymore! And the faucet is a perfect match to our kitchen faucet.

  32. Marc (verified owner)

    After the installation in my RV Safari Condo XLFLEX Plus everything was working properly and the water taste very good. Very happy to finally be able to eliminate bulky and harmful plastic bottles for the planet. We were satisfied and we ordered a second one for the house. No more plastic bottles forever.

  33. Joel (verified owner)

    We love this filter! We had it installed in my Moms house. She’s an 80 year old Holocaust survivor and would never have purchased something like this herself. By upgrading from the Brita filter I feel good knowing that she’ll live longer and healthier because the Brita is a poor excuse for a filter It doesn’t filter out bacteria, viruses and other toxic stuff that will eventually lead you to unknown pains, aches, low energy, brain fog, and yes, even chronic disease. Fluoride = neurotoxin – for example. Yes, her body and mind feel better since we upgraded. As a matter of fact, my Integrative Doc told me to get rid of my Brita back in 2013. Not only will she be happier and healthier she’ll also save money by not needing to buy all the replacement filters Brita needs.
    The only thing I wish was different was if the spout dispensed the water a little quicker, but hey, a little patience and mindfulness is always a good idea. Install was a breeze for her handyman. The finish is sleek and modern with the blue light a nice added touch.

    Full disclosure: We won the Acuva in contest on IG, so if you’re not following them yet…what are you waiting for? @acuvatech 🙂

  34. John Meredith (verified owner)

    Our Acuva is installed in our small Tiffin Wayfarer RV. It was the only choice for us due to the small size of our camper. I did not want to carry bottled water in the RV due to its weight and the Wayfarer’s limited capacity. The Acuva has solved this problem for us and delivers great drinking water. In our previous Class A diesel pusher we had the room for a reverse osmosis filtering system but not so in the Wayfarer. Installation was strait forward and relatively easy once the location for the faucet location was determined. The Acuva is a great product and I recommend it to small RV owners and large Rv owners as well. Great Product.

  35. Alexander de baedts (verified owner)

    Great system. I use this system in a van, and It has been working flawlessly. Great tasting water, never had any issues, and the installation was way easier then expected.

    Love it, I’m hooked haha.

  36. Will (verified owner)

    We bought our Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 for our truck camper as my wife and I were planning on driving the Pan American Hwy and didn’t want to have to buy bottled water for both environmental, financial and space reasons. It was daunting when we first filled our water tank with non potable water in Mexico but Acuva didn’t let us down!! We have the advanced pre filter and it tasted great and we have never been sick. This has been quite literally, the best purchase we’ve made for our camper and for our trip so far! Our friends have had to find potable water sources or buy bottled water and we fill up with the nearest hose.

    It also is extremely easy to fit and our camper is tiny. It fit under our sink, tucked out of the way perfectly!!

    When we build our next camper, the first thing we’ll put in is another Acuva! If you’re going anywhere with questionable water sources or just want to skip buying bottled water so yourself a favour and get an Acuva!

  37. Andrew (verified owner)

    If you take your time and think about what you’re doing this is super simple to install. It works great in my boating application

  38. Craigery (verified owner)

    Easy installation, and the water tastes great! We installed this in our home kitchen but we will also be taking it with us on the road once our Skoolie is finished. The build quality is solid and it looks nice too.

  39. Chris and Marissa (verified owner)

    My partner and I live on our sailboat (@svavocet) preparing to sail the world and thought our water was clean to begin with using our triple filtration system, but after installing the Acuva unit we realized it could get even better! The unit is small, easy to install, and leaves your water tasting like nothing but that… pure water. We find ourselves drinking more of it now, even our cat Cleo approves. Oh, and it pulls low amps so running it while at anchor is no issue. We highly recommend this intelligent system if you are looking to get more out of your water.

  40. Suzanne Lusignan (verified owner)

    Mon Acuva dans mon rv c’est parfait très contente du produit et le fait découvrir a d’autres snowbirds. Boire l’eau en toute sécurité pour moi c’est très important et plus besoin d’acheter l’eau en bouteille. Merci Acuva
    My Acuva in my rv is perfect very happy with the product and shows it to other snowbirds. Drinking water safely for me is very important and no need to buy bottled water anymore. Thank you Acuva

  41. Peter Stevens

    Our Acuva Arrow max has worked excellently on our boat. The water is clean, tastes great, and we no longer need to use water bottles.

  42. Rebecca M

    We were keeping 24 gallon jugs of water on our camper and consumed 2+ gallons a day. The struggle to always find a place to refill was stressful and the extra weight in the camper adds up fast. After a ton of research we came upon Acuva. Safe drinking water right in our camper equals peace of mind, less weight and extra time for fun.

  43. Mike Arsenault (verified owner)

    I ordered the Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 for our RV a few months ago. I placed the order on a Monday and by that Thursday I had it in hand… very prompt delivery.
    The installation was very straight forward and easy… I had absolutely no issues with the installation. There are a lot of Youtube videos giving tutorials on how to get it installed which made things very easy.
    Once the system was up and running, we noticed a taste difference in the water right away… gone was that “hose” taste you sometimes get with an RV from your water hose connection.
    We are very happy with this unit and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality water system.

  44. Tommy Wisdom

    We did a lot of research online to find Acuva and we’re glad we did. We’ve been using it in our custom camper van conversion for over 6 months now and couldn’t be happier. It’s also a lot smaller of a filter system and doesn’t consume a ton of power so we can leave it on. We’d highly recommend it!

  45. Ken (verified owner)

    This is our second Acuva water filter. The first one was a selling feature when we sold the motorhome it was in. When we replaced that motorhome, one of the first things we did was purchase another Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED water filter. During an 11 month tour of North America, including 4 months in Mexico, we relied on that filter to consistently provide us with pure, tasty drinking water. We loved the fact that we didn’t have to locate and transport jugs of drinking water, or deal with the waste plastic issues from buying jugs of water. I don’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone, on the road or in your home.

  46. Harry Cleveland (verified owner)

    Great product. I use it all the time that I am camping. Other campers agree with me that this is a safe way to get rid of plastic bottles and gives there family a safe way to get clean water.

  47. Josh Thompson (verified owner)

    I purchased the Acuva Arrow2.0 and it’s great! Install was simple and the product works as advertised. Water tastes great now and we have peace of mind knowing that what we’re drinking is clean.

  48. Chase Vanni (verified owner)

    Awesome product I was looking for a simple way to use the on board storage water in my RV and trust its safe when I came across this item. It’s simple to use simple to set-up and saves hundreds of bottled water plastics from beings used and stored on the RIG. thank you so much for such a awesome awesome project. 👍🏻💧

  49. Philip Lawson

    Awesome product. Save lots of plastic bottles.

  50. Wayne Hosaki

    We bought the ArrowMAX 2.0 system and installed it in our Class C Motorhome. We were looking for a safe and efficient way to sterilize our drinking water both from our fresh water tank and when hooked up to campground water. With never knowing just how safe the water was wherever we were with the ArrowMAX 2.0 we can use the water with confidence. Installation of the system is easy for anyone who has the basic knowledge of a 12 volt electrical system. This system is highly recommended.

  51. Andy Morsell (verified owner)

    I purchased an Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 water purifier with smart faucet and installed it in our van. The installation was very easy and it is so compact that I was able to install and hide everything under the sink. I had a 12 volt power source nearby that was easy to tap into. We absolutely love the fact that we have drinkable water available no matter the source of the water that we put into our tank. AND we do not consume any plastic that would be needed if purchasing bottled water. Awesome little system!

  52. Louis Samson

    I am satisfied with my purchase. It was easy to install and it works as planned. Nice design. It is ecological, save also precious fridge space and assures taste free and safe drinking water. Customer support cares and tech services provide fast answers. I am proud to support a Canadian company.

  53. Eric Root (verified owner)

    Installed about three months ago on our Airstream. Fantastic addition. No more concerns with water quality at campsites or from the tank. Thanks for making such a great product.

  54. John and Kimberly Dyer (verified owner)

    My wife and I added the Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Purifier to our boat after seeing it on Gone with the Wynn’s YouTube channel and we have been loving it. Soooo much better than having to buy bottles of water (water from the tank of our boat never tasted very good and when we were at a marina it always tasted like a hose). It’s always a conversation starter when other boaters come on board 😃

  55. Steven Barcikowski

    Installed in my camper van and it works great. The company has been super helpful as well, answering questions about the product and installation.

  56. Marcus A Wetterlund (verified owner)

    I bought the acuva 2.0 for our travel trailer. The install was fairly easy very straightforward. E we really like the higher flow of the 2.0 and being able to fill up our water bottles with safe water no matter what we are hooked up too. Look around on YouTube for coupon codes. I think I used kombi life as the source for my code.

  57. David OMahony (verified owner)

    This thing ain’t cheap but I wouldn’t recommend anything else. I struggled for a while finding a way to have great tasting and safe water to drink in our Sportsmobile until I found Acuva.
    It’s such a relief to know that I will never have to worry about high quality drinking water again!

  58. Steve Lunsman

    Excellent product. It was by far the easiest thing to install in the van, and it works perfectly every time. I am so glad I went with this as it works off of 12v and hardly uses any power!

  59. Ken Meyer (verified owner)

    Nice product, well-built, works reliably every time. It allowed me to get rid of all the plastic water bottles I’ve been carrying in my RV.

  60. Jeffrey Conn (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my Acuva. Installation was simple in our Motorhome, and this provides confidence that we have safe water whereever we travel. I had considered much more complex solutions and am thrilled that I found this compact and simple to install UV water purification system.

  61. Johnny Narro (verified owner)

    I purchased and installed the ArrowMAX 1.0 Purifier and I LOVE it! I am pretty handy and it was a breeze to install in my travel trailer. It is fantastic to have clean, safe water on demand. I could not be more 0leased with my purchase and the quality of my Purifier. I installed it 7 months ago and have travelled full time with it since.

  62. Barry Wester (verified owner)

    We live on a 42 ft trawler with a 250 gallon water tank. We don’t have a water maker so we are at the mercy of each marina we visit and the quality of their water supply. When we decided to cruise to Mexico we knew we had to install some sort of water purification system. After much research and many positive recommendations from the boating community we installed the Acuva 2.0 . We love it, it’s the best upgrade we have made to our 1985 Trawler. Easy install and works great. We even had our water tested and it was great.

  63. Adam Wyborny

    This is our second Acuva filter we purchased for our RV after a freeze and snowstorm ruined our first one. We loved our first one but we love this one even more! The quality of the water is top notch and you never have to worry when your camping if your water is safe. Definitely recommend to everyone we know.

  64. David Schramm (verified owner)

    We used to buy a a lot of bottled water on our camping trips.after adding the 2.0 to our water system, that has stopped.
    The install was easy and straightforward, after watching a couple YouTube videos, I got after it.the boss showed me where she wanted the faucet and that was it.

  65. Daniel St-Pierre (verified owner)

    As a full time Nomad, we used to get bottle water for our need. The addition of an Accuva water filtration device is simply the best addition we made to our RV in years. We just love it, we get good, clear ans smell free drinking water wherever we are. We strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a dependable source of drinking water.

  66. Joe Suarez

    We bought the ArrowMAX 2.0 to install in the RV we remodeled. We were concerned about the older plumbing and also about the quality of water we would have access to when camping with our children. Before the installation, the water had a plastic taste and we relied heavily on bottled water.
    The ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED water purifier and accompanying filter made all the difference in the world! The filter removed any flavor in the water and the purification process ensures we have the safest water to drink and cook with in our RV. Having this instead of store bought bottled water has saved us TONS of room and we reduced our plastic usage drastically. The flavor of the water rivals that of high end bottled water so much that I honestly think it tastes better than that island water in those expensive little square bottles. I was also very impressed with the amount of water that flows through the device; at 2 liters per minute no time is wasted waiting for a pot or water bottle to fill. The 12Vdc connection and plumbing installation was quick and easy thanks to the well documented installation guide that was provided.
    I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to ensure they are providing safe clean water for themselves and their families.

    Thank you Acuva for making such an awesome product.

  67. Ben & Savannah (verified owner)

    We’re a family of 4 with 2 toddlers living full time on the road. Clean drinking water is extremely important for us and after 4 months of use the Acuva system is doing the trick! We did have one issue early on but I must say, the support staff at Acuva were very helpful with getting us up and running again quickly. Since then it’s been smooth sailing! I love the peace of mind that we have safe and clean drinking water. There is so much else to worry about while traveling with toddlers, and now water isn’t one of those worries! Thanks.

  68. Derek (verified owner)

    Ordered on a recommendation of a fellow RV’er. We previously lived onboard a boat for years and made our own water, and really wanted to ensure the water we were drinking onboard our RV was properly treated.

    Such an easy product to install and get working. If you care about your water quality or are concerned about your water source, this is the device for you.

    It has enough flow, even onboard an RV, to easily fill water bottles and coffee pots quickly. Light indicator is a great feature as well. Can’t go wrong.

  69. Hailey (verified owner)

    Great filter so far!

  70. Alexandre Gregoire

    The Acuva Filter is a gamechanger. We are full-time RVers and spend winters in Mexico. We can drink water from any sources and have the confidence we won’t be sick! We installed our first Acuva filter in 2018 and we’ll definitly install one in our next RV.

    No more plastic bottles and good tasting water on demand! It’s a must for your RV!

  71. Chris and Nicole

    Hands down one of the best thing we added into our camper van! We really do not like having to use single use plastic but when you are travelling on the road and not sure how safe the water is at each campground that definitely is concerning. Our Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Purifier has given us so much peace of mind knowing our water is clean and also tastes great! We have travelled all across Canada this year filling up from all different water sources and been so incredibly happy with the purifier! Cannot recommend it enough!

  72. Sandra Martens (verified owner)

    I’ve tried plenty of filter systems in the past years but this has been the first one that was so easy to install and such a treat to use. I’d highly recommend it to everyone that needs to filter water „on the road“ and has high quality standards

  73. Simon (verified owner)

    This tiny little unit installs clean and easy. Very happy with the quality of the water and the high quality feel of the smart water tap.

  74. Ben

    This is one of the most important pieces of tech for any vehicle-based traveler. In my mind it’s essential and it has been a great addition to our campervan. Now we can confidently source drinking water from a wide range of locations The build quality of the unit is excellent and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

  75. Ashlyn

    A used to buy a lot of bottled water from super market till I found this system. Installation under the sink was easy and I did it myself though I am not a plumber. YouTube video helped a lot in installation. I brought for my home with optional advanced filter. I have been using this system for almost an year and replaced my pre-filter just yesterday. So far, I am very satisfied with the product and their customer support.

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