Acuva Advanced Pre-filter (up to 2.0 L/m)

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With Acuva’s two-step water systems the pre-filter is for reducing contaminants or sediment before water passes through the UV-LED device. This pre-filter is designed to fit under the sink for point-of-use water treatment systems with a flow rate of up to 2L/min (0.5gal/min).

This Advanced Filter is compact, easy to install or replace, and lasts up to 1,500 gallons (5,678 L), for use with ArrowMAX 1.0, ArrowMAX 1.2 and ArrowMAX 2.0. It removes 99% of chlorine and lead, plus reduces VOCs, unpleasant odors and turbidity.

This Advanced Pre-filter is compatible with the ArrowMAX 1.0, ArrowMAX 1.2 and ArrowMAX 2.0, and removes 99% of chlorine, lead, plus reduces VOCs, unpleasant odors and turbidity.

It has NSF 42 (reduction of chlorine, taste, odor) and NSF 53 (reduction of lead and VOC).

Acuva recommends that you replace this Advanced Pre-filter after 1,500 gallons (5,678 liters), or around 6 months depending on usage.

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Technical Specifications

Product Tehnical Specification Image
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

21 reviews for Acuva Advanced Pre-filter (up to 2.0 L/m)


  1. Craig Kennedy (verified owner)

    Great product. I installed the advanced filter from the get-go. I can now trust I’m getting safe drinking water regardless of the source!

  2. DUSTIN WUCHTERL (verified owner)

    Originally we got the normal filter and it did quite well but just started using the advanced filter and it works fantastic! Water doesn’t taste like anything which is how it should be.

  3. Leo Mastrogiovanni (verified owner)

    ok well I believe the water system to be good, we will see over time how it holds up. but so far its great… now one thing I did in the install was to connect the 1/4 in water hose to a ( 1/2 in sweat / 3/8 shut off) and then got a 1/4 in adapter and got the little copper feed insert that goes inside the plastic feed line. That way the plastic water line is then reinforced by that little copper feed insert tube. so if you installed the plastic feed tube into a copper 1/4 , get that little copper insert … a pretty easy install. and that will make the 1/4 in white hose to be much more strong and hold tight.
    nut and insert -1/4 in OD Everbuilt -compression – Home Depot

  4. Michael Usher (verified owner)

    Install was easy, the water is pure with none of the nasty taste from chlorine and other added chemicals. We feel much better knowing that we have a reliable source of ultra clean water for drinking and cooking. Thanks for an amazing product !

  5. Luc Desaulniers (verified owner)

    Excellente filtration. Parfait pour le système.

  6. Pablo V. (verified owner)

    Amazing product and even better service! Don’t hesitate!

  7. Francine Painchaud

    C’est le deuxième que l’on achète, on est vraiment très satisfait ! De plus c’est très bon pour l’environnement parce que l’on n’achète plus d’eau embouteillée! Et l’eau est exactement comme elle se doit d’être, inodore et vraiment transparente!
    Nous le recommandons!

  8. Marcus Wetterlund (verified owner)

    We live in our RV for the foreseeable future and not having to worry about what water we are hooking up to is so nice. But, I really enjoy not having to buy gallons of plastic water bottles from the store anymore!

  9. John D Neander Sr (verified owner)

    Superior filter system.
    Always have a good tasting supply of safe water.

  10. John D Neander Sr (verified owner)

    Great filter system.
    Use it in our RV.
    No longer need to carry multiple gallon jugs of water that always seam to leak. We don’t drink anything but water…but we always flavor it with coffee or tea…and this filter system gives our coffee and tea a superior taste.

  11. Ron Alexander (verified owner)

    When I first got the Acuva UV and advanced pre-filter the well we were on was condemned and so we were using bottled water until the Acuva arrived. I had the 3 filter Clearsource set of filters, the Acuva Advanced pre-filter and the Acuva UV all connected to an infected water supply., I am the canary in the mine when it comes to these things, and for a month or so we had the bad water and I never got sick even one day. Now we are on a different well but I still use the filters and change them every 2 months which is about 2,000 gals. 10/10 highly recommended.

  12. Joseph Wainscott (verified owner)

    Having the Acuva filtration unit in our RV has been a game-changer. RV travel requires exposure to a variety of water sources with varying taste and quality levels. Having the Acuva provides the peace of mind for drinking water quality regardless of where we are staying and also provides a good and consistent taste as well. It has significantly reduced our use of bottled water as well. The Acuva system is highly recommended!

  13. Marc Beaulieu (verified owner)

    Excellent produit, facile Ă  installer, l’eau n’a plus le goĂ»t de chlore et fini les contenants en plastique. Je recommande fortement. J’en ai installĂ© un dans mon Safari Condo, un Ă  la maison et je vais en commander un troisième pour mon chalet.

  14. Skip Gilbert (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Pure water with easy installation and maintenance. I highly recommend!

  15. Richard Bobzener (verified owner)

    We have had a Acuva onboard since 2018. Very confident in the water quality it delivers here, down the east coast of USA and throughout the Bahamas. Upgraded to an Arrow 2 this year for higher flow ( less wait for morning coffee). The advanced filters give the full flow that lesser filters limit with full protection they can not match.

  16. Marc Gendron (verified owner)

    Very good system, water taste good, easy to install.
    Very satisfied!

  17. Stephen Weissler (verified owner)

    Very impressive technology. The only product I could find that kills 99.999% of bacteria. It takes up little space, and was easy to install.

  18. Marc (verified owner)

    No more plastic bottles in RV and at home. We have two installed. A good gesture for the environment.

  19. Theresa A (verified owner)

    The filter is fantastic, and I feel comfortable drinking water from my RV.

    (I no longer have to carry cases of plastic water bottles and it is so much better for the environment. I do wish the filters were more reasonable in cost, if I broke it down it is probably $10.00-15.00 a month with shipping).

  20. Odette Cloutier (verified owner)

    J’ai Acuva 2 depuis quelques mois, nous l’utilisons dans notre VR .On boit l’eau de tous les campings et même l’eau du réservoir du VR . On adore ! Aucun goût, aucune senteur, c’est une merveille…. On s’en passerait plus . Merci à Acuva de nous faciliter la vie , plus besoin d’accumuler de l’eau en bouteille.

    Mirabel Québec

  21. Francisco Rodriguez

    Amazing product. Highly recommended.

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